Funeral Broadcasting

When a good friend or family member ל”ע passes, taking part in the funeral in Israel isn’t always possible or affordable. Midabrim Communications has been providing affordable broadcasting services for the past 3 years that can enable you to virtually attend the funeral no matter where you are in the world via the internet. All you need is a computer or a tablet with an internet connection. Being able to watch the speeches and the burial of the family member would bring the viewer closer even though they are thousands of miles away. Upon ordering our services, we will send a camera crew to the funeral with broadcasting equipment together with the Network center monitoring the broadcast we will make sure that the viewer will feel as if they actually attended.
If you are arranging a funeral one of the services you would want to offer those that are being buried in Israel is that everyone can attend the funeral. If not physically then virtually. Midabrim Communications works with funeral coordinators worldwide helping them give the best services to their clients.
Midabrim Communications currently provides services for the Chevra Kadisha in numerous states, Yeshiva World News, Israel Funerals, and more.
This has brought comfort to many mourning families even in their saddest times. Let us bring family members and friends closer together virtually from anywhere in the world.